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I started working at Vendome Copper and Brass Works, Inc. in 2011 but my love for whisk(e)y began long before that. I've always had an interest in history too so beginning in 2014 I started researching everything I could on Vendome, distilling and the equipment used. I'm a Bourbon Whiskey Steward with the Stave and Thief Society. I'm also a member in good standing with the Bourbon Brotherhood. I've written several blogs for both The Alchemist's Cabinet and The Whiskey Chicks web page. I've lectured at New Mexico State University and this past Spring was invited to help distill Rye whiskey at George Washington's Mount Vernon Distillery. I've twice been published in the online magazine Craft by Under My Host.

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I'll teach you everything I know about the history of distilling and the equipment used.

Shawn Stevens

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Please contact me for information and prices for historical lectures and tastings.